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2009-01-13 11:02:20 by BlackBelt15

Heyyy all this is The Dj doing my first post. A few things to say first off i live in Australia and Dj all the time (Daaaa) Arright second thing is im only 15 and Im still figuring newgrounds out so plz gimme a break iff your one of those hate mail shitheads seriously no one wants to hear your crap go get a frikin violin or somthin. Ok Most of the music (Iff not all) I upload will be dance music and not (usually) the generic rave type you newgrounds members seem to like so much but probably more electro/house based like crookers eg trance also because I love trance and... yeah blahblahblah. So I`ve created my 1st post and hopefully i can figure out newgrounds uploader!

Also I may upload some of my own tracks... maybe...


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2009-01-13 13:48:43

ok. hi! =D

BlackBelt15 responds:

HEYHEY! don't know iff you remember but on Jan. 13, 2009 | 1:48 PM you said hi.

So Whats Up? kim909

I only just realised you left a comment sorry.